There are currently around 400,000 ha of eucalyptus in Galicia, the most widespread species being Eucalyptus gobulus Labil.

Approximately 4 million cubic meters of E. globulus are cut annually in Galicia, which represents almost 75% of the exploited volume of the species nationally and 30% of the volume of all species extracted in Spain.

In this website you have a tool that allows you to estimate the volume and biomass production, as well as the carbon accumulated in plantations of E. globulus from the NO of Spain.

Project: AGL2010-22308-C02-01 Modeling of the growth and production of colonist and seedling plantations of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. of the NO of Spain.

The application Eucatool®

EucaTool® is only applicable to regular stands of Eucalyptus globulus of the NO of Spain, with ages less than 20 years, heights up to 40 m and diameters up to 70 cm.

The Sustainable Forest Management Unit (UXFS) is not responsible for the incorrect use, interpretation and use of the results obtained by EucaTool®.

Where does it apply?

Eucalyptus masses (Eucalyptus globulus Labil.) From seed throughout the autonomous community of Galicia (Spain).

Why was it done?

To provide all the agents involved in the production of eucalyptus with the appropriate tools for estimating production and assessing management options.

How was it done?

Through the installation of a network of plots that covers the entire area of distribution of eucalyptus in Galicia, and the biometric study of trees of all dimensions removed in these plots.

What is it for?

The tool can be used to:

- Estimation of mass quality or Site Index

- Projection of mass variables: Dominant Height, Baseline Area and Mortality

- Prediction of volume, biomass and carbon

- Prediction of growth in volume and biomass

- Appropriate turn estimation (age of cut)

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